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Plumbing is the core service that we have been offering with an established reputation for quality,service, and customer satisfaction.

We offer a highly professional service across Colombo District and use a professional and experienced, qualified plumbers who are available 24 hours a day and we guarantee to solve everything from a plumbing related problem to the design and creation of new bathrooms or kitchens.

At Workforce Solutions (pvt) Ltd, we have found out how difficult it was to find quality service providers and quality people for daily tasks (Carpenters, Plumber, Handyman, Electrician, Computer technician, etc.).At a need of such work done by a service provider, the habitual way of getting connected was asking from a known or pealing the yellow pages and spending much more time getting connected to them. We were able to collect, monitor and display job-specific feedback on each provider.This empowered consumers to make an informed decision.

Job description for Plumber

Plumbers are usually the first service professionals Colombo/Sri lanka homeowners turn to in an emergency. They handle everything from toilets that overflow, to clogged drains and sinks, to burst pipes. These are considered minor repairs.

Vocational Training and Technical Colleges provides a free training for all plumbers.

These are the major activities which plumbers does

  • faucets
  • toilets
  • sinks
  • bathtubs
  • showers
  • shower drains
  • food disposals
  • hot water dispensers
  • water filtration

Plumbing Contractor Job Description

  • Do more complex tasks than a plumber, as well as the repairs a plumber does
  • Plumbing contractors are trained not only in plumbing but also in construction and service and can handle many more requests than plumbers.

Hiring a Plumber or Plumbing Contractor

Finding a plumbing contractor, either a company or individual, is a bit more difficult. For new home construction, your general contractor or builder will likely recommend a plumbing contractor that he is familiar with and has worked with in the past.

While most plumbers expect payment on the day of service, or in a timely manner once they have sent out an invoice, many plumbing contractors require that you pay a deposit upfront. A deposit of no more than half of the job estimate is normally collected in advance and deducted from the total project cost when it is completed.

When searching for plumbing services, be specific with your needs and ask candidates if they are Workforce licensed plumbers or if they have the advanced experience and licenses associated with a plumbing contractor.

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